Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Review in the form of 25 Quotations

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by Joseph Aguilar
(Caketrain, 2014)
1  “The stepfather drools in the rain. The rain is magic.”
2  “By the sea we all hug.”
3  “A question cleans my face.”
4  “I hold a small fire in my hand.”
5  “My piano plays so soft you can sleep on its teeth.”
6  “The stepfather cracks a gasket.”
7  “My beard upsets the baby.”
8  “The rabbit plays a hand shadow on the wall.”
9  “We were brambles.”
10 “My brother fouls my necktie.”
11 “We thrust wildly toward logic.”
12 “My liver hurts.”
13 “Everyone deserves chemicals.”
14 “I saw it waiting in the hospital.”
15 “Kneel with a bird in the throat.”
16 “I forgot the old ideas.”
17 “I rappel through a current of honey.”
18 “In our new country we make tiny burials for our vehicles.”
19 “I fell asleep forgetting recipes I never knew.”
20 “We had to take the dog to a country hospital here.”
21 “What happened?”
22 “I have pressure in my bladder.”
23 “I start the car.”
24 “A fat one straddled its egg in the web’s center.”
25 “I was watching only a body yielding to what would carry it it to its end.”
Joseph Aguilar teaches at the College of Wooster and has published widely in numerous small press publications.

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