Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sam Beckett Meets Seth and Shem on a Pier Where Pretty Girls Did Formerly Sit: lines from a letter to Rufo Quintavalle

                                           Somewhere by the sea. 
                                       They greet each other. 
                                          They jaw thus.
                    - What brings you proximate
                                to these suspending waters?
                    -Thirst and thirst's algorithm.
                   - You don't say.
                    - In passing only, we're off. Would you? 
                     - Sadly I must decline your fondness.
                             Must get back to beans on toast. 
                                 The firth of tea. My employer 
                                  Joyce waits in near-darkness    
                         darkness. His bottom threatens 
                         - Ai! The Battle of Pile-Hastings.
                         - Indeed.
                         - Then ciao it is. 
                         -  Of course.

                                                They take leave 
                                                beneath an immediate 
                                                tin sky.