Thursday, February 18, 2010



pg. 2 The second last line of section 3 reads “In the cold the crummy north-west-wind bends …”. Delete hyphen connecting west to wind, so the line now reads “In the cold the crummy north-west wind bends …”


pg. 4: The first line of section 1. Here I use an antique method of abbreviating William in the name William Harvey. The name is abbreviated by ‘Will’ followed by a superscripted ‘m’. Thus: ‘Will[superscripted 'm' goes here] Harvey'.

pg. 7: First line of 2nd stanza: delete extra space at beginning of “told me it’s fine…”

pg. 8: Last line. Delete extra space at beginning of “to wrap our splintered …”


pg. 9 In the quotation by John Clare, second line, “you Are. You must excuse …” Are should not be capitalized. It should read: “you are. You must excuse me for I have nothing to communicate or”

pg. 9: Last stanza on this page. Second line. In my copy the possessive form of the proper name
‘Sir Clyde “Humpy” de Bank’s’ contains a symbol – a rectangle containing an X -- where the apostrophe should be. Please delete symbol, add apostrophe.

pg. 10: Add italics to phrase “You, too!” in the poem’s penultimate stanza.


pg. 11: First line. ‘Rest-room” should read ‘restroom’.

pg. 16 Italics missing from several lines in MONSTER PICKS UP A TENOR. The following phrases/lines should be italicized:

… Got my golden
horn to drink from, man.


[… ] Don’t fuck
With me or my tenor!
Sweetest slice
in the world comes
from my horn.


“Believe Me, If All Those
Endearing Young Charms.”


pg. 20 In the subtitle ‘From Reports of The Princeton University …’ there is an extra space between ‘of’ and ‘The Princeton’
Please delete.

In line 7: ‘awn’ should be italicized ‘awn’.

In line 8 ‘Stems’ should be italicized ‘Stems…’

In line 25: ‘way’ should be italicized ‘…way leafy.’