Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Found Poem


the lean horse
to the sea.
He needs to eat.
Peat yields heat.

The dead cause deep grief.
Seek the thief.
My deaf friend and guest is

I had health
and wealth.
Death cut this thread of life.

to work. Earn
that rare urn.
Search the earth
and the world for her.

Burn burch wood.
A cur hurt a bird.
Worms turn and curl in the dirt.

Shy birds fly
high in the sky.
A dry sty.

At night a lynx
ran by our door.
Plow, toil.
Joy in soil.


See above note for information on WATSON'S COMPLETE SPELLER: ORAL AND WRITTEN/by J. Madison Watson (1887) for full bibliographical information.

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