Monday, February 2, 2009

postcars (circa 1984)

But I want to trace myself
clear of the spots I have faced.
Clark Coolidge
Acquisition Junction, population 850
Black top and fresh lard
I point at them to know my disreputable standing
I don't know never did probably won't
That picture of God's electrifying finger
I'm too much here
At five feet eleven and one half
The spectacle from another style
You are soft as pillows
Down expecting my great distributed descent
O catch us at that fatal injection
For once they should have it fill
Trees glistening am up but not about
Am unstuck for breakfast time Warning
"Sorry I'm running late"
After temperature am breathing. Raining
The sound of raining its gentle hair
Your tresses. His water-form now net
I am estranged and forgetting
It is the murmuration of glove. Quiet
It is quiet. More quaint than silence
Raising cheers far stretched
Decide to reduce my mouth its wild running
Look and learn of process: look and --
Admired your upper cut, its confirming
Decide to misread a certain diary
Admire a surface tension
Your surface tension when you move, confusing
Substance that magnetizes my substance
Pulling and pulling me --
Damn the surcharge of things bought
At Acquisition Junction, pop. 850
Afternoon distilling funny tasting horizons
Everything slow and steady as she goes
Sailing off but cardboard scenery is shifted
We drink and eat and smoke
My stomach roils. My eyes give out
I am writing a letter to J.
He of the honorary degree
Your stereo in my brain
Lacks its needle in your absence
The beveled corners need some lick work
This is not it ... Come now
The seasons untied: "Groweth sed,
And bloweth med,
And springeth the wude nu ..."
And of the serene celebration
Sea-shells those scimitars of scintillation
Something for you something for me
Ich bin ycleped The-God-Of-Average-Nightmare
And you in the orange life jacket
Saving him on represented waking memory
For once you and I
Moving above the median rise
Never expecting a further falling down
The above is offered here as an example of arrested or 'late-onset' juvenalia; though it was indeed written in the mid-80s of the previous century.

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