Thursday, February 19, 2009

grocery list

1 take my knife 2 the sky seer 3 heaven forfending 4 i'll see you later 5 how old is this transmission 6 coconut water is awesome 7 dribble shot 8 her drear of rear ending 9 hallowed be thy name 10 an eleven second delaylay 11 i'm exhausted twoday 12 cut myself sheaving 13 this life of the gods isn't what people think it is 14 reading all those books why 15 veltflinger's syndrome is what you got 16 drive this car until summer then get another beaterupper 17 gardening tools all over 18 we're mowing to Portland 19 i saw a fox stolen morning 20 smoting here smoting there 21 Christ this smoting is everywhere 22 looking at animals in ice 23 what you got to understand see is understanding ain't what it cracked up to bee 24 crush-head his lungs 25 i never done went there before 26 i seen it once 27 i need more money to buy a moore 28 you think you got it bad talk to one who got it worse 29 for thine is the king-dome 30 this ain't so bad 31 kaput is a greet word 32 don't forget to go to the blank 33 what a weird occupence 34 he buys of lonely the finest raw materials 35 she is brilliantine 36 my dream of the northern flights 37 writing out thousands of tickets 38 i got caught bleeding 39 everything is fucked 40 a drunken rout 41 of words without porpoise 42 tall in her teal platforms 43 my hands slew 44 the wounds of his face 45 red ain't no color of hair for a man to have 46 pushing this tin dream around the junkyard all day 47 nope 48 i discover the body out back of the shed 49 could not touch my lips to the body at my feet 50 nothing but your garden variety miracle 51 officer i don't never seen this women before 52 tailored made 53 all of it made from blight on greening light 54 'concupiscent curds' 55 nice real mice 56 furthermore 57 i'll send it to you when i get back to the crematorium 58 what was the name of that movie 59 vamyres 60 how her backside peeled 61 gracefully uptight and sheer 62 stupid seizures why visit me 63 in the ditch in summertime 64 looking up her skort 65 sweeting nervous 66 through the walleye of the shadow of dearth 67 my novel on that syndrome of uncertain provenance 68 amazed by Artaud's toothless beauty 69 fragments arranged so as to tell the story of a life like a bag of tatters 70 his hatred of the 'thang' contemporaire 71 new snore and I look at it the world is like a rattle with nothing inside 72 my shores are all charred up 73 telling me i won't believe the heels you got 74 anthems for lost things 75 smashed in the face and hands 76 i never learned how to drive stick 77 the misterabilists 78 an obnubilated emblemtatic response 79 artichocke snatch 80 Belhaven ale 81 my list of things 82 my fear of never leaving the house 83 i feel like i could but who knows 84 trenchant bastard of the trench 85 fallen 86 Dante tours Las Vegas 87 green slowly opens 88 unto thy face 89 beauty razoring my stomach 90 my insides falling out 91 hysterical laughing of the dogs 92 i told you not to look 93 salt pillar 94 for now and 95 mineral is your calm 96 palms of cinder 97 call me 98 i've got a lot on my plate 99 knives for the cutter 100 deployed against but no further than



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