Tuesday, January 27, 2009

idea to improve morale and sales

I thought this a good idea so I got a pencil and paper and wrote it down on my break. Here is the idea: when it is summer and really hot why don't we set up a lemonade stand out front of the store and it would actually look like a real lemonade stand we used to set up when we were kids. The sign would be lettered by hand and maybe 'lemonade' would be spelled wrong or just with a backward 'E' or something. And the stand would be staffed by real kids. And we would train them so that when a customer asks for something, say, a lemonade, they'd respond by saying something like, Yo, Jack we're gonna fuck that shit up! And when the customer is surprised and says Excuse me, what did you just say? the kids would say You betcha as they carefully pour lemonade into a plastic cup. I think this is a real swell idea because it would get people thinking about lemonade and other things like that. They might even go home and think about how nice it was to buy lemonade in such a manner and maybe get an idea for starting up their own small business which might help the ailing economy and eventually lead to universal health care and an end to war and an end to our poisoning of the planet and all that shit.

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